David Ruggeri

Gallery Edition of 50 | Collector’s Edition of 50 | Artist’s Proof Edition of 10

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About This Work
About This Artist

David Ruggeri has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember. Having attended art school in the early 1990s and since garnering his PhD, MBA, Master of Economics, and MPH degrees, Ruggeri has used his vast experiences to create and inform his pop art and graffiti-style paintings.

You can often find Ruggeri using bright colors and eye-catching patterns. His bold, colorful pieces take inspiration from graffiti artists, pop culture, conservation initiatives, and range from whimsical to thought provoking. A variety of media and techniques are used, such as spray paint, acrylic paint, and ink. Layers and textures are developed to provide additional depth to pieces, so one can barely refrain from reaching out and touching the canvas.

Ruggeri’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the nation, such as New York City, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, and Toronto. Additionally, he has shown his work at nationally recognized art fairs, including those in Miami, Atlanta, Jackson Hole, Ketchum Idaho, St. Louis, and Detroit.

About This Paper

Sunset Velvet Rag 315g (20mil) boasts a 100% cotton rag base, with a velvet (or etching-like) surface. This paper is designed to meet the highest printing standards needed for museum quality, limited edition prints.

Sunset Velvet Rag is a 2010 Hot One Award winner.

Print Dimensions
Overall Image Margin
Collector’s Edition 20” x 20” 16” x 16” 2”
Gallery Edition 28” x 28” 24” x 24” 2”
Artist’s Proof 28” x 28” 24” x 24” 2”


Each full series of a work also includes eight Owners’ Edition prints, which are not offered for public sale. Originals may be available. Contact us for details.