1419Art helps artists by connecting them to interested patrons.

1419Art’s emerging and established artists want to take risks. Collectors and museums value important work, work which strikes at an emotional core and addresses challenging themes. But an artist’s risk-taking can create deep swings in income. These swings often result in financial difficulties for the artist and the artist’s family. Bestowing patronage on an artist gives that artist the sponsorship, support, and financial confidence to create ambitious works, to fight for a cultural legacy, and to give us works which matter.

Friends, fans, allies, and backers can express their support through 1419Art’s patronage programs.

Patrons at different levels receive:

  • Early preview rights to new prints released by the artist
  • Invitations to special gallery shows and events
  • A letter of gratitude from the artist thanking the patron for her or his confidence and support

To learn more about patronage opportunities and to become a patron of one of our artists, or of the gallery’s collective, please click [here].