Artist Submission

Dear Fellow Artists,

Welcome to 1419 Art. We are a collective dedicated to the advancement of emerging and established artists. As we continue to look for new artists to represent, we strongly encourage you to send us a small portfolio of your work along with personal information so that we can get to know you.

We are interested in developing authentic relationships between our collective and each artist, where the artist’s interests always come first.

At 1419, we strive to create an environment for artists which is accepting, accessible, and nurturing.

If you feel as though you are a fit for 1419, please submit your work below. If you need further assistance or information, let us know as we are here to help. If we are a good match for each other, 1419 will work closely with you to ensure that we do all we can to promote your success.

We look forward to viewing your unique work.

Best, Sara, Kaisa, Asher, and Roland 1419 Art

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